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Dead Silent: How To Hunt Quiet Elk

Whenever we think of elk hunting during the rut, we think of monstrous, screaming bulls, bugling and chuckling as they canter after cows and chase off all challengers to their reign as kings of the mountain. We fantasize about calling them in, about standing just behind a tree and bugling to them as a big

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Stalking turkey: Go get that gobbler

Stalking turkey: Sometimes you just have to go get that gobbler

Nothing announces the coming of spring more jubilantly than the thunderous gobble of a Tom turkey. And few things in the hunting world make a hunter’s heart pound harder with anticipation than hearing that sound coming closer as they sit with their back against a tree, calling back to one. But as the season wears

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Practice still-hunting to become a better hunter

Practice still hunting to become a better hunter

The forest is a quiet place. Within this tree-shaded realm the only sounds heard are gentle birdsong and the rattle of the wind as it moves through branches. It is a place of peace and calm, yet life and death here is constantly held in a delicate balance between predator and prey. The hunter moves

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The mighty mule deer: Hunting the king of deer

Getting after the king of deer, the mighty mule deer

If you gave your average hunter a pencil and asked them to draw their perfect trophy buck, nine times out of 10 they’re going to draw a mule deer buck. Embodying all the rugged mysticism and unrestricted spirit of the American West, mule deer just have a way of standing out in the deer world.

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Into thin air: A beginner’s guide to mountain goat hunting

Into thin air: A beginner's guide to mountain goat hunting

There’s something mystical about mountains. Formed from the very pulse of the earth over millions of years, these great towers of rock standing snow-capped against the horizon have drawn man’s gaze since time immemorial. We find a natural impulse to climb them, to explore them, to test ourselves by facing them, finding our way to

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In the bear woods: A Montana guide’s take on pursuing America’s mightiest animal

In the bear woods: A Montana guide's take on pursuing America's mightiest animal

There’s just something about bears. Something that draws us to them with our cameras in national parks, yet makes our hearts beat just a bit faster while walking through the woods. Just saying the word “bear” gets a reaction out of people. These stunning creatures seem to tug at our very ethos. Perhaps it’s because

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