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The Best That Ever Was: The Bowhunting Legacy of Fred Bear

The word ‘legacy’ is thrown around a lot in the hunting world. In a sport so full of ritual and tradition we hunters are quick to take note and pay tribute to those who have gone before us. We honor those men and women who went before us, clearing a path and leaving behind footprints

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Short Gun Love: The Pleasures of Hunting with a Carbine

It seems that no matter where I turn, be it an article in a magazine, a discussion in a bar, or the gun rack in my local sports shop, I just can’t get away from long range hunting rifles. It’s a sweeping trend that is taking the hunting world by storm. Every hunter I run

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It’s Getting Hot In Here: How The Extreme Summer Heat Will Affect Hunting Season

When we say the hunting is going to be hot, we generally mean that it’s going to be a prime season when the animals are moving, and our chances of success are greatly increased. However, it seems that in 2021 saying that the hunting is going to be hot, it’s a reference to the sweltering

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