Author: Kubie Brown

The Gods Of The Hunt

Whenever I hear an anti-hunter rant about how unnecessary it is to hunt and kill animals, how in the modern age we’ve evolved past the need to hunt, or about how we can survive just fine on a diet of vegetables and fruits, I just have to laugh. Anti-hunters just don’t get that the act

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Dead Silent: How To Hunt Quiet Elk

Whenever we think of elk hunting during the rut, we think of monstrous, screaming bulls, bugling and chuckling as they canter after cows and chase off all challengers to their reign as kings of the mountain. We fantasize about calling them in, about standing just behind a tree and bugling to them as a big

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Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out!: Are Air Guns Legitimate Hunting Weapons?

Whether it was a Christmas, birthday, or secret present from an uncle that we had to hide from our mothers, it’s nearly unanimous among hunters that the greatest gift we ever received as a child was our first BB gun. It was the gift that created us. The thing that, as we sat in the

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Going Solo: Preparing to face the backcountry on your own.

Perhaps the greatest part of going hunting is sharing the outdoor world with your friends. The backcountry is a place to be shared and attacked as a unit. The weeks before the season opener where you and your compadres gather around maps and decide where you’re going to go; the early mornings where everyone crawls

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The Meat Sweats: How to Roast A Whole Deer

How To Roast A Whole Deer Perhaps the most satisfying aspects of being a hunter is sharing the bounty of your time in the field with others – divvying up the meat from the harvest with friends and family and sharing in your good fortune by handing out small freezer wrapped packages to the ones

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The Good Stuff: Rendering And Using Bear Grease

Bagging a black bear: Tips for taking the toughest game

Humans tend to be a forgetful species. Our constant need for advancement has us continuously creating new technologies that we feel make our lives easier and more convenient. Yet many of these things we have set aside in favor of “innovation” are not gone but are simply outside of the vision of the masses, hidden

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