Author: Kubie Brown

To The Trees: How To Hunt Elk In Thick Timber

Talking bull: How to get started elk calling

One of the unfortunate realities of elk hunting is that hunter success rates stand at around 15%.They’re a tough animal to hunt and an even tougher animal to kill. Hunters need to take advantage ofevery opportunity they can. Most think of hunting elk during rifle season as long days of glassingwide open fields, snow covered

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The Best That Ever Was: The Bowhunting Legacy of Fred Bear

The word ‘legacy’ is thrown around a lot in the hunting world. In a sport so full of ritual and tradition we hunters are quick to take note and pay tribute to those who have gone before us. We honor those men and women who went before us, clearing a path and leaving behind footprints

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Pulling A Nooner: Why and How You Should Hunt At Mid-Day

Practice still hunting to become a better hunter

When I really think about it, I can only recall a handful of times that I’ve ever shot anything at dawn. Sure, I still use that time to get out into the woods, but it’s a rare occasion when it all comes together at first light. Conversely, I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten

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Short Gun Love: The Pleasures of Hunting with a Carbine

It seems that no matter where I turn, be it an article in a magazine, a discussion in a bar, or the gun rack in my local sports shop, I just can’t get away from long range hunting rifles. It’s a sweeping trend that is taking the hunting world by storm. Every hunter I run

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Landlocked: The Issues of America’s Inaccessible Public Lands

Recognizing and preventing altitude sickness

As Americans and outdoorsmen, we have certain rights. The right to bear arms, the right to provide for our families by harvesting fish and game, and the right to hunt, fish, and gather on America’s public lands are all essential aspects of being a sportsman. Yet the unfortunate reality is that massive plots of public

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King Of The Wild Frontier: Davy Crockett, The Man Who Showed Us The Way.

I think almost every kid on the planet had a coonskin cap growing up. It may have been for a Halloween costume, a brief phase or, at least for me, a precursor to a life as an outdoorsman. The coonskin cap has become an iconic symbol of the frontier. A time when men and women

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