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You don’t need a dog to be a good waterfowl hunter

You don't need a dog to be a good waterfowl hunter

I love hunting dogs. I’ve been around them my entire life and have had three myself. Unfortunately, I’ve had bad luck with them. My first dog, a beautiful yellow Labrador, would hurl himself into the water with reckless abandon, retrieved decoys, balls, and even brought me live rabbits and grouse from the woods. He was

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Please, leave the family dog at home this hunting season

A well-trained and disciplined hunting dog is an incredible asset. Conversely, a pup conditioned only to beg for table scraps and lounge indoors can quickly become a royal nuisance in the field and may ruin an otherwise enjoyable hunt. I grew up with guys who hunted casually. That’s not to say we weren’t enthusiastic about

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