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7 surefire ways to ruin a duck hunt

Surefire ways to ruin a duck hunt

Waterfowl hunting, like every sport or discipline, has obvious rules—and then there are the unspoken expectations. Adhering to both can mean the difference between maintaining lifelong hunting partners and never getting invited along on a duck hunt again. Here’s a list of key things to avoid when you hit the blind this fall. Skybusting “You

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You don’t need a dog to be a good waterfowl hunter

You don't need a dog to be a good waterfowl hunter

I love hunting dogs. I’ve been around them my entire life and have had three myself. Unfortunately, I’ve had bad luck with them. My first dog, a beautiful yellow Labrador, would hurl himself into the water with reckless abandon, retrieved decoys, balls, and even brought me live rabbits and grouse from the woods. He was

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