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King Of The Wild Frontier: Davy Crockett, The Man Who Showed Us The Way.

I think almost every kid on the planet had a coonskin cap growing up. It may have been for a Halloween costume, a brief phase or, at least for me, a precursor to a life as an outdoorsman. The coonskin cap has become an iconic symbol of the frontier. A time when men and women

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The hunting legacy of Ernest Hemingway

The hunting legacy of literary luminary Ernest Hemingway

All sports have their icons. The likes of Babe Ruth, Wilma Rudolph, Muhammed Ali, Mia Hamm, or Michael Jordan. People who were so proficient at, and reflected such a love and passion for, the sport they played that they became heroes in the public eye. Their exploits and charisma draw attention from the masses and

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