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Here Kitty Kitty: The Delicious Ins and Outs of Mountain Lion Hunting

“Do you want a pulled pork sandwich?” I was sitting in a kitchen waiting for a girl to get ready to go to dinner with me and had mentioned that I was starving, so her roommate asked me the question. I looked at the guy with the questioning look I’d give anyone who’d ask that

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Dead Silent: How To Hunt Quiet Elk

Whenever we think of elk hunting during the rut, we think of monstrous, screaming bulls, bugling and chuckling as they canter after cows and chase off all challengers to their reign as kings of the mountain. We fantasize about calling them in, about standing just behind a tree and bugling to them as a big

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The Meat Sweats: How to Roast A Whole Deer

How To Roast A Whole Deer Perhaps the most satisfying aspects of being a hunter is sharing the bounty of your time in the field with others – divvying up the meat from the harvest with friends and family and sharing in your good fortune by handing out small freezer wrapped packages to the ones

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