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Let it snow: Break up a slow spring by hunting snow geese

Let it snow: Capitalizing on the spring snow goose migration

One of the worst things about early spring is suffering through the interminable gap between the late winter hunting season and chasing spring turkeys. Most hunters simply grit their teeth and push through it, spending their time cleaning shotguns, practicing calling, and looking longingly at their hunting gear in the garage. But it doesn’t have

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A hunting guide’s tips for selecting the perfect layout blind

A hunting guide's tips for selecting the perfect layout blind

When layout blinds first came on the scene in the late 1990s and early 2000s, they were a revolutionary product for field-hunting waterfowl. The first, highly commercialized iterations of the modern layout blinds were Kelley Powers’ “Power Hunter” and Fred Zink’s “Finisher.” Both blinds offered distinct advantages and drawbacks. Now the market has expanded to

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