TUP Podcast Episode 17: We didn’t die!

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The Ultimate Predator
The Ultimate Predator
TUP Podcast Episode 17: We didn't die!

After a prolonged hiatus from podcasting, Editor-in-chief Nate Granzow and TUP Founder Karl Hylle return to reflect on their epic/memorable/nearly deadly 2020 backcountry elk and bear hunt in the inhospitable mountains of Colorado. From freezing weather to back injuries and sore feet, few things went right, but they survived to tell the tale.

They also recount what else they’ve been up to since the last podcast. After some ego-debilitating misses, Karl doubled up on deer in Wisconsin during slug season, then (accidentally) scored a headshot on a third with his bow. Nate and his dad doubled up on a pair of turkeys this past spring.

Finally, the guys turn their attention—and animosity—toward Arizona’s recent legislation banning all trail cameras.

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