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TUP Podcast Episode 13: A backcountry pack dump

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The Ultimate Predator
TUP Podcast Episode 13: A backcountry pack dump

What does it take to survive for eight days while hunting in the mountains? Turns out, quite a bit. The tricky part, though: You’ve got to carry it all in on your back. TUP Founder Karl Hylle has been backcountry hunting for years and does a full-on pack dump in this episode, detailing all the gear he relies on to survive in one of the most inhospitable environments on earth. “Backcountry mountain hunting, spike camping, it really doesn’t get much tougher than that,” Karl says. The guys then get into why Karl prefers the .270 over other comparable big-game cartridges.

Then, for this show’s “Dumb Idea, Poorly Executed,” the team talk about the proposed change in classification of e-bikes from motorized vehicles to bicycles and the impact that could have on hunters.

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