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TUP Podcast Episode 12: Nervous ticks

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The Ultimate Predator
TUP Podcast Episode 12: Nervous ticks

The TUP editorial staff goes on an end-of-season turkey hunt and ends up covered in ticks and surrounded by coyotes. Editor-in-Chief Nate Granzow gives a few quick tips on avoiding tick-borne illnesses (tips he admits he should have followed himself) while TUP Founder Karl Hylle ridicules him for his continued inability to use a diaphragm call. “It sounds sort of like a turkey—if one of those coyotes had gotten ahold of it.”

For this episode’s “Dumb Idea, Poorly Executed,” the TUP crew calls out Idaho Fish and Game on their refusal to permit the use of lighted nocks for bowhunters, then muses on what truly qualifies as primitive-style hunting.

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