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TUP Podcast Episode 11: Oh (brother), Canada

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The Ultimate Predator
TUP Podcast Episode 11: Oh (brother), Canada

In this episode, Editor-in-Chief Nate Granzow is reunited with his lucky knife he thought was gone forever after losing it in the field last deer season. “It was my first fixed-blade knife. It’s nothing especially fancy, but it’s a nice, dependable knife. I’m really pleased to have it back.”

TUP Founder Karl Hylle talks about his preparations for his black bear hunt in Idaho, and the guys discuss single-shot rifles and why they’re still viable. Karl says, “One and done, baby. It’s gratifying: All I needed was one (round).”

For this episode’s “Dumb Idea, Poorly Executed,” the focus turns to Canada’s latest sweeping gun ban that may include modern 10- and 12-gauge shotguns, as well as several big-game rifle calibers. Karl says, “You wrote a bill trying not to affect hunters, and now the most commonly used hunting firearm ever is illegal. You can’t figure out the basics of guns, and now you’re going to give me fair value for the gun I have? Yeah right.” Nate agrees. “The people who are responsible for legislating this stuff know so little about what it is they’re trying to ban, it’s impossible to take them at face value. These people don’t even know which end of the barrel makes flame, and they’re going to legislate—in fine detail—what guns we can use.”

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