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The Ultimate Predator Podcast: Episode 9

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The Ultimate Predator
The Ultimate Predator Podcast: Episode 9

In this episode, the TUP team talks about their turkey hunting experiences, some observations from the field, and how their gear has held up. EIC Nate Granzow has found that, “Minimalism is where it’s at. By the third day I was packing in only what I could carry on my person, going as light as I could, and you know what? Not much tangible difference.”

They chat about how to ask landowners for permission to hunt and ensure you get invited back, and TUP founder Karl Hylle discusses an ethical dilemma he’s recently experienced while bowhunting for turkey. “The neighbors are out there every day, systematically baiting. It’s legal, but I’m also now hunting a baited area. It diminishes the enjoyment and accomplishment of it.”

Finally, EIC Nate Granzow takes his turn at revealing one of his “Dumb Ideas, Poorly Executed”—a recent disaster while (incorrectly) using his camp stove.

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