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The Ultimate Predator Podcast: Episode 8

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The Ultimate Predator
The Ultimate Predator Podcast: Episode 8

In this episode, the TUP team talks turkey hunting. EIC Nate Granzow patterns his shotgun for the first time in preparation for the season. “It’s an important step, especially with a newer gun or a new setup. I’ve owned the gun for a while, but I’ve never used it with a turkey choke or this particular load.” TUP founder Karl Hylle has already been pursuing turkeys with his bow and has learned some valuable lessons in stalking.

Nate discusses his conflicted feelings in modifying his grandpa’s old hunting rifle. “The whole thing seemed unwieldy, but it was Grandpa’s rifle. I never took it out into the field because I have better deer rifles that I enjoy hunting with. This one was clumsy. At the same time I didn’t want to change it; it felt like it was in some way dishonoring his memory.”

Feeling especially humble for this episode, Karl reveals one of his personal “Dumb Ideas, Poorly Executed”—a dangerous encounter with an Idaho mountain where eagerness, plunging temperatures, and inadequate water almost cost him dearly.

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