The Ultimate Pack Workout

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Not a fan of paying for a gym membership? Limited on space and equipment? That doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself into peak physical condition in time for hunting season. With only a pack, a couple of sandbags, and this step-by-step course, you’ll be ready to tackle everything from dragging a whitetail out of the back 40 to a backcountry elk hunt.

The Ultimate Pack Workout starts with a 10-week-long, full-body program and takes a minimalist approach regarding space and equipment. Heavy on bodyweight exercises and using a weighted pack in place of traditional weights, this program can be easily adjusted for the novice or advanced user with minor modifications (indicated at each step).

This initial 10-week crash course will have you ready for whatever hunt you have planned, but continue beyond the initial 10 weeks to find levels of performance in the field you didn’t realize you were capable of—and become The Ultimate Predator.

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Tony Arendt Tony Arendt Author

Tony Arendt is The Ultimate Predator’s resident strength and conditioning coach and half of the duo that makes up TNT Outdoor Life. A certified personal trainer and avid hunter, Tony knows his way around a weight room as well as he knows his way around a bow and has seen direct correlation between fitness and hunting success. A Minnesota-grown outdoorsman with a passion for being in the field, his hunting roots began with him as a seven-year-old boy on his dad’s heels in South Dakota, chasing pheasants. Ever since, he can’t get enough of learning about and pursuing any sort of big and small game. At this point in his hunting career, he lives and breathes bowhunting—specifically pursuing whitetails. He loves ending a hunt with a plate of big buck backstraps and a cold beer. Certifications – Personal Trainer (NASM), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (NASM), Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM), Precision Nutrition (PN)

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