Hunting large game with a handgun

To those who haven’t tried it, hunting large game with a small gun may seem absurd, perhaps even irresponsible. But handgun hunting introduces a number of exciting challenges that make a successful hunt that much more memorable. My fascination with handgun hunting began with a missed shot on the biggest buck I’d ever encountered. I

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Please, leave the family dog at home this hunting season

A well-trained and disciplined hunting dog is an incredible asset. Conversely, a pup conditioned only to beg for table scraps and lounge indoors can quickly become a royal nuisance in the field and may ruin an otherwise enjoyable hunt. I grew up with guys who hunted casually. That’s not to say we weren’t enthusiastic about

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I’m a hunter, and I’ve done more for wildlife conservation than you have.

I'm a hunter, and I've done more for wildlife conservation than you have.

The steadily declining number of hunters in recent years has troubling repercussions for environmental conservation efforts throughout the nation. From one deer-hunting season to the next, not much changes. There’s a comforting predictability to our routine: The night before the season opens, we meet up at Andy’s cabin on the shore of one of northern

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