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The wanderings of an elephant hunter: Pursuing the world’s largest game with Karamojo Bell

The wanderings of an elephant hunter: Pursuing the world's largest game with Karamojo Bell

W.D.M. “Karamojo” Bell, a Scottish big-game hunter and adventurer, developed a reputation as one of history’s most preeminent elephant hunters. His unique observations and techniques provide a clear snapshot of hunting the world’s largest land animal at the turn of the last century. Most of us will never experience an elephant hunt in our lifetime.

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In the bear woods: A Montana guide’s take on pursuing America’s mightiest animal

In the bear woods: A Montana guide's take on pursuing America's mightiest animal

There’s just something about bears. Something that draws us to them with our cameras in national parks, yet makes our hearts beat just a bit faster while walking through the woods. Just saying the word “bear” gets a reaction out of people. These stunning creatures seem to tug at our very ethos. Perhaps it’s because

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Here’s what you need to avoid becoming bear food

Counted amongst nature’s fiercest predators, bears—when aggravated—can pose a fearsome threat to hunters, hikers, and campers. Here are a few last-resort options for halting an attack. We’d be remiss in not first acknowledging that bear attacks are exceedingly rare, as bears tend to avoid human contact whenever possible. But as civilization expands, interaction between species

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